Communicating VergeSense Implementation To Your Employees

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This guide was created to ensure your employees understand the changes that are occurring in their workplace.  Our goal is to make it easy for you to communicate clearly about the implementation of VergeSense so your team understands the benefits of the platform.   


As you implement VergeSense, your employees may have questions about what is being installed, how it works, and what information is being collected. This guide is intended to help you address any concerns your employees may have about privacy and security.

The VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform is designed to help organizations understand how their buildings, floors, and spaces are being used. VergeSense is built on a foundation of two types entryway sensors and area sensors. All of our sensors collect data anonymously, without storing or transmitting images. This data is strictly related to workplace performance. The sensors cannot be used to monitor, surveil, or track groups or individual employees.

Our sensors use AI to turn sensor readings into JSON data, which is essentially a Javascript-formatted means of communicating data surrounding time, coordinates, and direction of movement. This does not contain images, names, faces, PII, or words being written or typed.

VergeSense uses ELS (edge-processing, low-resolution, secure) capturing technology that cannot discern specific faces, words, or personally identifiable information (PII). Thus, this information is not being collected, stored, or transmitted.


Please reach out to your VergeSense Customer Service Manager to discuss how we can assist you in communicating with your employees. We are here to help.


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