Integrating with Condeco

By integrating Condeco with VergeSense, you are able to gain more insight into the effectiveness of your room and desk booking systems by comparing scheduled bookings with real occupancy data. You can also configure rules that automate the release of scheduled resources if they are unused.

In order to activate and configure the VergeSense + Condeco integration, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Authentication

1. Navigate to VergeSense > Settings > Integrations

2. Click “Connect” for Condeco


3. Authorize VergeSense to integrate.


In order for VergeSense to deliver space booking automation & analytics services, Condeco must first activate their “Platinum subscription” for the following endpoints:

  • HierachyMapping
  • ExtBooking

Each call made by VergeSense to any endpoint is deducted from your customer's daily/weekly allowance outline in the following table. Please reference Condeco's Help Center for more details.


Condeco requires you to provide a number of subscription and authentication details in order to establish the initial connection. Some details can only be provided by Condeco support.


Condeco Admins can retrieve the Hierarchy and Booking Subscription Keys once subscriptions have been granted by logging into their developer portal.



The Host Name is the URL of the your Condeco environment.


To find your Client Subscription Name, sign in and navigate to User Profile > Product > Client Subscription Name.


Client ID and Password must be provided to you by Condeco Support.

Step 2: Map Spaces

Upon integrating Condeco with VergeSense will attempt to automatically map spaces between the two platforms. VergeSense will compare the Name field for a space with every reservable space. If there is a match with any portion of the name, a mapping will be associated.

If you need to manually map any spaces, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate back to VergeSense > Settings > Integrations

  2. Click “Settings” for Condeco

  3. Within the Space Mapping tab select “Map Spaces” for a specific floor


4. Review the list of spaces, space names, and types pulled directly from Building Settings. Optional: You can filter by status (mapped/unmapped) or by space name/type.

5. Map spaces by selecting the corresponding space from the pick list of all Condeco spaces pulled into the VergeSense platform as part of the integration authentication process.



6. Once mapped, you can customize Reservation Actions for each individual space as needed.

Step 3: Configure Reservation Actions

1. Navigate to the Reservation Actions tab.

2. Configure the reservation actions you want to enable by default for all spaces and click save.


3. Configure Advanced Settings to expand and/or limit how Reservation Actions are applied to all reservations & click “save”.

Step 4: Analyze

Navigate to the insights tab on the left-hand side of your VergeSense platform. Here, you can explore Space Availability insights.


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