Replacing a Wireless Sensor

If you need to replace a wireless sensor for any reason, please follow the instructions below.

1. Remove the existing sensor from the mount. You will want to install the new sensor in the exact same location, so mark the location/sensor orientation with tape or a pencil, if needed.

2. Power on the new sensor that you will be replacing the existing one with. Power it by sliding the switch to the ON position. The dot under the switch represents OFF. A red light will flash to indicate that the sensor is ON.


3. Mount the new sensor to the ceiling in the same location as the old sensor.

4. Report the 6-digit ID of the new sensor in your Installer Tool. If you do not have access to the Installer Tool, report the ID to your VergeSense Customer Success Manager. The sensor ID is located on the side of the sensor in the format “XXX-XXX”. See the example below:


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