Overview: Implementation Process

Kickoff & Requirements Gathering

This stage can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Once the sales process is complete your Account Executive will introduce you to an Implementation Project Manager. Your Project Manager will be your go-to point of contact for the entirety of the implementation process. Once introduced, your Project Manager will reach out to let you know what implementation documentation and/or requirements (listed below) they need from you and to schedule an implementation kickoff call where you will go through an outline of the implementation process and timeline.

Implementation Documentation & Requirements Needed:

  • Confirmation that your network can meet our network requirements.

  • Shipping Information

  • Documentation

    • Floor Plan with Space IDs (PDF or DWG)

    • Spreadsheet of Space Metadata (often available via IWMS export)

    • Reflected Ceiling Plans & Finish Schedule

    • Ceiling Photos

    • WiFi Access Point(s) Layout (if applicable)

On the kickoff call your Project Manager will ask you to confirm the following:

  • Building Name

  • Sensor Coverage Areas

  • Gateway Placement Locations (if applicable)

  • Whether desk-level data is required

  • If your installation is being completed by a VergeSense Partner you will need to confirm installation-specific details.

  • On-Site contact (name, phone number, email) for post-installation support

Hardware Delivery

This stage can take 6-12 weeks to complete based on global supply inventory.

During this stage, your Project Manager will send all required and agreed-upon hardware out to the shipping address & contact that you provided. Once shipping your Project Manager will email you the tracking number(s) and estimated delivery date for the shipment(s). If your shipment includes a gateway(s) and you are using the Ethernet or WiFi backhaul options your Project Manager will also email over the MAC address(es) for the gateway(s).

Account Setup

This stage can take 4-5 weeks to complete.

In tandem with the hardware delivery stage, your Project Manager will start the account setup stage by submitting your floor plans to be digitized. The map digitization process can take approximately 4 weeks to complete and once finished your Project Manager will loop in an Implementation Specialist to start the account configuration in the VergeSense platform.

During the account configuration, all of your sensors and gateway(s) (if applicable) will be placed in the VergeSense platform on your digitized map according to the agreed-upon markups for sensor coverage. After this is all configured your Project Manager will grant you (or the VergeSense Partner doing the installation) access to the Installer Tool.

Network Test

Only applicable to wireless (L302) sensor projects

If you are installing wireless sensors after the hardware has been physically delivered to your site your Project Manager will ask you to complete a network test to ensure that the network will work as expected during installation. Steps for completing this network test can be seen here.


This stage can take 1 week to complete.

At this point, your project should be ready for installation! Your Project Manager will coordinate the date/time for installation with you and/or the VergeSense Partner completing the installation to ensure that remote support will be available via a WhatsApp group chat to troubleshoot anything that may arise and be needed. This stage will include the physical installation of the sensors and gateway(s) (if applicable) on your site(s). Once completed a "summary" of the project will be set via the Installer Tool to VergeSense.


This stage can take 1-2 weeks to complete.

During this final implementation stage, an Implementation Specialist will work through each of your sensors to partition them and ensure they were installed correctly. Any sensors that require adjustments (i.e. rotation, move, power cycle, etc.) will be flagged in the installer tool with a note as to what the adjustment should be. If your project does require sensor adjustments once they are compiled your Project Manager will coordinate a date and time with you and/or the VergeSense Partner who completed the installation for a "Go-Back". During this go-back, all of the required adjustments will be made and again VergeSense will be available via the WhatsApp group chat to troubleshoot as needed.

After all of your sensors are validated your project can be closed out of implementation! Your Project Manager will grant you access to the VergeSense analytics portal and (re-)introduce you to your Account Executive and/or Customer Success Manager who will work through onboarding and training with you!


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