Space Booking Integrations

By integrating a space booking system with VergeSense, you are able to gain more insight into the effectiveness of their space booking policies by comparing scheduled bookings with real occupancy data. You can further eliminate unused workspaces by configuring business rules that automate check-in and release of scheduled resources using person count, and active and passive occupancy.

Integration Actions

Reservation Actions are a set of business rules & conditional statements that allow VergeSense to automate the check-in & release of scheduled resources based on both person count & Signs of Life. Once configured, if VergeSense detects (or does not detect) occupancy during a scheduled booking, we will allow one or all of the following workflows:

  • Auto Check-In: Automatically check-in reserved space when VergeSense detects occupancy during a reservation

  • No-Show Cancellation: Automatically release reserved space if VergeSense doesn’t detect occupancy within a defined grace period after the start of the meeting.

  • Early Release: Automatically release reserved space when VergeSense no longer detects occupancy during a scheduled meeting.

Space Booking Analytics

Once connected, you will have access to the Space Availability dashboard hosted in the Insights module. The dashboards are designed to provide you with valuable insight into the following:

  • What types of spaces are most booked?

  • How often are reserved spaces unoccupied?

  • How does your expected attendance rate vary from real utilization?

  • Realized and potential time savings from auto-release actions.

Supported Providers

VergeSense currently offers native integrations with a number of leading space reservation and calendar systems. Please reference the help center articles for each of the following providers for more information on how to activate and configure each integration.

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Google Calendars

  • Condeco

  • Robin

  • Teem


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