Integrating with Robin

By integrating Robin with VergeSense, you are able to gain more insight into the effectiveness of their space booking policies by comparing scheduled bookings with real occupancy data. You can further eliminate unused workspaces by configuring business rules that automate check-in and release of scheduled resources using person count, active occupancy, and passive occupancy.

In order to activate & configure the VergeSense + Robin integration, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Authentication

1. Create a Robin API Token

2. Visit your Robin Dashboard and click “Use Manager” on the top navigation bar.


3. Click on "Integrations" from the left-hand sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'API Tokens' section.


4. Click "Generate new token" and click basic_red and basic_write scopes. Name token "VergeSense Calendar Integration Token" and save. Copy the token locally as you will need it when navigating back to VergeSense.


5. Navigate back to VergeSense > Settings > Integrations

6. Click “Connect” for Robin


7. Paste in your Robin API Token and click “save”.


Step 2: Configure Reservation Actions

1. Configure the Integration Actions you want to enable by default for all spaces and click “save”


2. Configure Advanced Settings to expand and/or limit how Reservation Actions are applied to all reservations & click “save”.


Step 3: Map Spaces

Upon integrating Robin with VergeSense an automatic space mapping process will kick off. VergeSense will compare the name field for a space with every reservable space. If there is a match with any portion of the name, a mapping will be associated.

If you need to manually map any spaces, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate back to VergeSense > Settings > Integrations

  2. Click “Settings” for Robin

  3. Within the Space Mapping tab select “Map Spaces” for a specific floor,

  1. Review the list of spaces space names and types pulled directly from Building Settings

    Optional: You can filter by status (mapped/unmapped) or by space name/type.

  2. Map spaces by selecting the corresponding space from the pick list of all Robin spaces pulled into the VergeSense platform as part of the integration authentication process.

Once mapped you can customize Reservation Actions for each individual space as needed.

Step 4: Analyze

Navigate to the insights tab on the left-hand side of your VergeSense platform. Here, you can explore Space Availability insights.


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