Implementation Document Requirements

  1. Confirm that your network can meet our network requirements:

  2. Shipping Information

    • Shipping Address

    • Shipping Contact Name

    • Shipping Contact Phone Number

    • Shipping Contact Email

  3. Documentation

    • Floor Plan with Space IDs

      • Please provide copies of your floor plans in the following formats: PDF, DWG. Ensure floor plans contain all furniture, walls, and any space IDs/names you would like reflected in the VergeSense Platform.

    • Spreadsheet of Space Metadata

      • This file is often available via IWMS export) and should include a row for each space (room/desk/open area) with the following metadata: space ID, Space name (if different from IDs), Capacity, Space Type (e.g. Conference Room, Huddle Room, Phone Booth, etc.). If this information is not available, VergeSense can give spaces generic IDs/names and assume a capacity and space type based on context in the floor plans.

      • Example:

    • Reflected Ceiling Plans & Finish Schedule

      • Ensure files include all ceiling heights and specify all ceiling finishes/types. VergeSense uses this information to confirm appropriate sensor mounting hardware.

    • Ceiling Photos

      • Please provide images of the ceilings for the designated coverage areas. An ideal photo set includes zoomed-in photos to show ceiling grid type, etc., and zoomed-out photos to show the distribution of ceiling types across the floor. VergeSense uses this information to confirm appropriate sensor mounting hardware.

    • WiFi Access Point(s) Layout (if applicable)

      • Where each WiFi access point is currently installed in the floor(s)/building(s) that VergeSense sensors will be installed.

On the kickoff call your Project Manager will ask you to confirm the following:

  • Building Name

    • The name of the building that will be reflected in the VergeSense platform.

  • Sensor Coverage Areas

    • Confirmation that the markups that were created based on the floor plans sent are accurate and sensors can be placed at each of the marked-up areas.

  • Gateway Placement Locations (if applicable)

    • Confirmation that there is a power outlet and/or ethernet cable at the location of each gateway icon on the markup

  • Whether desk-level data is required

    • Can data be shared at the individual desk level or must we group desk data for privacy/HR reasons, etc?

    • Example:

  • If your installation is being completed by a VergeSense Partner you will need to confirm:

    • Dates & times available for installation

    • Building access instructions

    • On-site contact information (name, phone number, email)

    • Certificate of Insurance requirements

  • On-site contact (name, phone number, email) for post-installation support


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