Replacing A Wired Sensor

Installation Equipment & Safety Considerations

Equipment Required

  • Ladder for ceiling access

  • Safety Goggles

  • Philips Head Screwdriver (optional)

  • Wrench for tightening nuts (optional)

Safety Considerations

  • Sensor Mounting – ensure every sensor is mounted securely.  Make sure that screws/nuts are properly tightened and that nothing is loose on the sensor.

  • Make sure no individual is sitting underneath or within a 6-foot radius of servicing location

  • Ensure all participants wear safety goggles during installation in case of falling dust to avoid eye damage

  • When operating with a ladder, use standard ladder safety precautions:

    1) always install with a spotter

    2) only use a ladder on an even surface

    3) never stand above the recommended rung on the ladder safety document

Replacement Steps

  1. Locate the sensor on the floor plan

  2. Detach the device from the mounting plate. Each sensor is snapped into place and may require four corners to be unclipped one at a time (Note: mounting plate will remain installed in ceiling)

  3. Disconnect the device from the ethernet cable

  4. Select a new sensor to install

  5. Record 6 digit ID of the new sensor in the predetermined ID location/tool (spreadsheet, VS platform, other)

  1. Connect the ethernet cable to the sensor

  2. Align the sensor to the mounting plate and attach it using the snapping mechanisms on the mounting plate

  3. Check the surrounding area to make sure the sensor is secure

LED Indicator 

Once the new sensor is installed, a front-facing LED light will indicate the device’s status:

  • Slow blink: the sensor is ON, but no connection 

  • Fast blink: the sensor is ON, but fault has been detected (for example, invalid data transfer) 

  • Solid light: sensor ON and connecting successfully

Contact VergeSense support ( if you have questions on troubleshooting or need support with device replacement. 


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