Installing A Wireless (L208) Sensor

If your deployment requires a gateway, this needs to be installed first. Instructions can be found here

Mounting Options

Select the mounting solution that best fits your needs.
Mounting options can be found here.

Sensor Installation

VergeSense will grant access to the installer tool prior to the start of installation. Access the tool at on mobile or desktop.

Physical Installation

  • Locate the sensor on the map

  • Match orientation to map

  • Power on

Use Installer Tool to:

  • Enter Sensor ID

  • Check connectivity 

  • Confirm coverage

  • Publish

Locate the Sensor on the Map

Use the Installer Tool to navigate the map. Note: the plan is to scale, and zoom in to view the exact sensor location (usually centered above a group of desks in the center of a room).

Match Orientation on Map

It is important to match the orientation for proper coverage and data capture. 

Power ON

Power the sensor by sliding the switch to the “ON” position. The dot by the switch represents “OFF.” A red light will flash indicating it is ON.

Enter Sensor ID

Every sensor has a unique ID that needs to be entered into the Installer Tool during installation. The sensor ID is located on the side of the sensor in the format “XXX-XXX”. See the example below:


Check Connectivity

Confirm Coverage

Once the sensor is connected, check the coverage area to verify the desired space is being captured. The "Map View" shows the intended covered space as highlighted by the sensor's field of view (red rectangle). 

It is important to only "Accept Coverage Area" when the entire space is being captured. These are some examples of installed sensors that need to be adjusted.

In these cases, the sensors were "Flagged" as they required an adjustment.

After the adjustment has been made, the sensor must be "unflagged" before coverage can be accepted.

Rotating and Moving a Sensor Icon

If the adjustments require the sensor to be moved or rotated, the installer can update the sensor icon to match the installed position.

Note: You cannot delete or add a sensor here.

  • Select a sensor

  • Select Edit

  • Select sensor icon

  • Rotate or move as installed

  • Confirm


Publish the sensor once it has successfully connected, and coverage is confirmed. The sensor icon on the map will turn green indicating a successful installation.

Once a sensor is published, it will update the count in the Installer Tool.


For additional support, please review the Troubleshooting and Installation sections prior to contacting VergeSense (


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