Wireless Sensor Configurations: Customer WiFi + Cloud Gateway

The VergeSense wireless battery-powered sensor has flexible network configuration options. The Customer WiFi + Cloud Gateway option uses existing guest, IOT or standard WiFi networks you already have set up to make deployment of devices a breeze and ensure most stable wireless connectivity. This configuration does not require any hardware gateways on site. Simply install the sensor and turn it on for end-to-end connectivity.

Data Flow

*Customer WiFi (SSID and Authentication method) information needs to be provided to VergeSense prior to shipment.



  • POWER: SENSORS are powered by battery

Cloud Gateway

  • VergeSense Gateway software can be hosted in a VergeSense hosted private cloud (most common) or Customer hosted cloud / VM

Data Flow: Sensors > Cloud Gateway

  • The sensors:
    • Collect raw data¬†
    • Connect to a pre defined 2.4GHZ WiFi network via WPA2 authentication
    • Can be configured to authenticate with your network via certificates, username/password, etc.
    • Use DHCP
  • All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2

Data Flow: Cloud Gateway > Cloud

  • The cloud gateway receives raw data from the sensors

  • VergeSense AI on the cloud gateway processes raw data into JSON

  • The cloud gateway transmits processed data to VergeSense Cloud

  • All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2

Network Requirements

  • WiFi Network Credentials: Corporate IT team to provide SSID and authentication method to VergeSense team (certificate or username password, etc). VergeSense will preconfigure your sensors accordingly prior to shipping.

  • 2.4GHZ WiFi network

  • Sensors use DHCP

  • Authentication via WPA2

  • 802.1x can be implemented on customer request

  • DNS Safelist: https://gateway.vergesense.com, Port: 443

  • If you restrict outbound traffic to a set list of IP addresses, then your firewalls will need to safe-list the IP addresses documented here.


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