Removing Mounting Plates

1. Power Down The Sensor

Prior to removing the mounting plate, power down the sensor by moving the switch to the off position. The dot by the switch represents off.

2. Remove the Mounting Plate

Make sure to note the location and orientation of the sensor before removing it from the ceiling.

It is imperative that each individual sensor is remounted in the exact same location and orientation as it was before removal.

Fixed Mounting Plates

For some ceiling types, the mounting plate may be fixed to the ceiling and is not removable without tools. If this is the case, remove the sensor from the mounting plate by sliding the sensor horizontally until it separates from the plate. The mounting plate will remain attached to the ceiling.


Magnetic Mounting Plates

For sensors magnetically mounted to the ceiling, remove the sensor (with the mounting plate attached) from the ceiling. Once taken down, remove the mounting plate from the sensor by using your thumbs to slide the mounting plate until it separates from the sensor.


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