Device Health Status

The VergeSense Dashboard includes a System Health page that provides insights into:

  • Last Report - last reported connection

  • Battery Level - only relevant for VS-L208 wireless sensors

  • Signal Strength - only relevant for VS-L208 wireless sensors

  • Click Settings > System Health > Device Health

Understanding the Devices page:

  • Device ID = Sensor serial number

  • Last Report = Last successful gateway connection (Wireless sensors report every 10 mins by default and PoE sensors every 1 min by default)

  • Battery Level = Latest percentage remaining (Wired sensors will always show N/A due to sustained power from the network switch)

  • Signal Strength = Sensor connection strength (Weak, OK, Strong)

  • Gateway = ID of gateway sensors is connected to (Wired sensors act as gateways due to local processing, so will be unique gateway per sensor)

Understanding the color codes:

  • Green arrow = Sensor is connected and successfully reported last expected sensor hit AND if wireless sensor the battery level >30%

  • Yellow arrow = Sensor has not connected between last 10 - 60 minutes AND/OR if the wireless sensor is successfully connected but battery level <30%

  • Red arrow = Sensor is OFFLINE and has not connected within last 60+ minutes OR wireless sensor is online but battery level is <20% 

  • Red Last Report = Last Report > 120 minutes

  • Yellow Last Report = Last Report > 61 minutes

  • Light Green Last Report = Last Report > 11 minutes

  • Dark/Else Green Last Report = Last Report < 1 minute


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