Updating Floor and Space Capacity

Admin users can update the capacities of the floor or spaces on each floor. Space capacities represent the maximum number of people the space is designed for. 

Floor Capacity

At the floor level, the capacity will default to the number of spaces assigned to individuals (a combination of offices and desks). If you would like to have a different default capacity, the capacity of each floor can be overridden by simply entering a capacity of your own.


  • If your office has 100 desks and each employee is assigned a dedicated seat, then the default capacity for the floor will be 100, which is based on the desk count.
  • If your floor is designed with a 1:1.2 seat-sharing ratio, this would mean an office with 400 desks SHOULD have a floor level capacity of 480. VergeSense will default the capacity to 400 based on the number of individual seats being measured however you can override the floor-level capacity to 480.  
  1. Click Settings

  2. On the left pane, select Building Settings

  1. Scroll to the building and floor you want to update

  2. Click "Edit Floor"

Editing Floor Capacity

  1. Find the text box labeled "Capacity" next to Floor Name

  2. Edit the capacity number to align with a designated floor capacity 

  3. Press Enter

  4. Click Save

Resetting Floor Capacity to Default

Default Capacity = # Desks + # Offices

  1. Set floor capacity to "0"

  2. Press Enter

  3. Refresh Page

Individual Space Capacity

Individual space capacity on each floor can also be edited. For example, a conference room capacity can be edited from 6 to 8 if the design or intended capacity has changed.

Editing Individual Space Capacity:

  1. Find the space you are interested in and select it on the map

  2. Find the text box labeled "Capacity" next to the space on the table

  3. Edit the capacity number to your designed capacity for the space

  4. Press Enter

  5. Click Save


  • Capacities only affect the utilization calculation or charts on the dashboard. Utilization = Person Count / Capacity

  • The underlying data collected is person count information, which is independent and not impacted by changing capacities. If capacities are set correctly for your floor or spaces, everything should be good! 

  • Once you update any capacity, all dashboard calculations relying on the capacity number to drive a calculation will automatically reprocess historical data and take the new capacity into account. 


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