Wireless (L208) Gateway Installation

The VergeSense Gateway is a local device (Dell Edge Gateway) that communicates with the network of VergeSense sensors to aggregate local occupancy data. The data is transmitted to a cloud server by tapping into an internal IT network, via a cellular backhaul, or routed to an internal network.


Gateway location 

Refer to the site map in the Installer Tool for suggested VergeSense Gateway locations. In a typical office environment, we suggest using a maximum range of 125ft between a gateway and each sensor.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 4.9" (125 mm) | Width: 4.9" (125 mm) | Depth: 2" (51 mm) |

  • Starting Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Power Requirements

  • The VergeSense Gateway can be powered over ethernet via a network switch or via a standard wall outlet with a plug-in PoE injector.

  • The VergeSense Gateway kit comes with a plug-in PoE injector which can be plugged into a standard wall outlet and supports 120/220/230V-AC. The injector uses a type A plug; adapters may be required for international installations. To use the PoE injector, plug one end of the provided ethernet cable into the injector port labeled “PoE” and the other end into the single ethernet port on the gateway device. Then plug the PoE injector into a wall power outlet.


  • Wall Mount: The gateway kit comes with a mounting bracket that allows for the gateway to be mounted onto the wall. We recommend the gateway be installed as close to the ceiling as possible. If the gateway cannot be installed very high on the wall, the extended antenna should be installed as high as possible. 

  • Above drop ceiling mount: In the case of drop ceilings, the gateway can be installed above the drop ceiling with the antenna hanging down.


Connect the provided antennas to the gateway. Each antenna has a number/icon that matches the coaxial ports on the gateway. There is an extended antenna in the package, the one with the long wire, as shown in the image below. That extended antenna will replace the smallest (WiFi) antenna that is included in the gateway box.  

USB Dongle

If your gateway did not ship with a USB dongle, skip this step. If your gateway shipped with a USB dongle, plug the dongle into the USB port that is next to the PoE port. There is another USB port on the other side of the gateway - it is important you do not use that port. A steady light will indicate connectivity. Other LED indicators are described below.


Confirming Connectivity

When functioning as expected, the gateway should have 2 steady lights and one blinking.


Commissioning the Gateway

Enter the 7 digit gateway ID in the Installer Tool.

Select "Publish" once the gateway is connected. Restart the device if it is having issues connecting.

The green gateway icon indicates a successful installation.


The wireless network is now set up and VergeSense sensors can start communicating with the gateway.


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