Totally Isolated Network

The VergeSense L208 wireless, battery-powered sensor has flexible network configuration options. The Totally Isolated network option uses a VergeSense spun up WiFi network and a cellular backhaul to avoid having to configure corporate IT infrastructure.

Data Flow


  • Power: the sensors are wireless and powered by batteries


  • Power: The gateway gets power from a standard wall outlet.

Data Flow: Sensors > Gateway

  • The VergeSense gateway creates 2.4GHZ WiFi network local area network

  • The sensors collect raw data, connect to the VergeSense WiFi network, and transmit raw data to the gateway over a WPA2 authenticated connection

  • All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2

Data Flow: Gateway > Cloud

  • The gateway receives raw data from the sensors

  • VergeSense AI on the gateway processes raw data into JSON files, transmits processed data to VergeSense Cloud, and connects to the cloud via data over an IOT cellular connection using a SIM card inserted in the gateway

  • All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2


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