How To Avoid Obstructions When Installing

Please consult with your VergeSense Customer Success Manager before installing above any obstructions.

VergeSense sensors should not be mounted above any objects that would obstruct the sensor FoV (field of view). 

The common obstructing objects are:

  • Pendant Lights

  • Speakers

  • HVAC / Ductwork

  • Acoustic tiling

  • Wood paneling

In event of an object in the line of sight of a sensor during installation, VergeSense sensors can be mounted off-centered to cover the area. See the example diagram below:


In this example, conceptually, the coverage FOV / angle of the sensor is obstructed by the light fixture. By mounting the VergeSense sensor off-center by 1.5ft (450mm) there will be enough coverage to see body parts when sitting/standing around the table.

The VergeSense Installer Tool can be leveraged during installation to check for obstructions and validate field-of-view coverage in real-time.


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