Introduction To The Installer Tool


The Installer Tool feature guides installers through the implementation of VergeSense devices. These include gateways, sensors, and repeaters. Using the tool, installers can commission, verify connectivity, and confirm coverage. The installer can also notify VergeSense once the installation is complete. 


Gateway Installation

Using the installer tool you can:

  • Enter gateway ID

  • Check connectivity

  • Publish


Sensor Installation

Using the installer tool you can:

  • Enter sensor ID

  • Check connectivity

  • Verify field-of-view coverage

  • Publish

  • Reboot a sensor and update debug image

  • Flag and add notes

  • Rotate and move a sensor icon

Enter Sensor ID

The ID is printed on the label on the side of the device.


Check Connectivity

When the ID is entered a timer will begin. Once the sensor connects, a green check mark will indicate connectivity. The last report time will also be shown.


Verify Field-of-View Coverage and Publish

The field-of-view or coverage area can be viewed once the sensor connects. There is a timestamp at the bottom of the image indicating the time taken. The sensor can be published if the desired space is captured. This will change the icon color to green.

Rebooting Sensors and Updating Debug Images

All sensor types have the option to select "Get Sensor View" (L208, E104, E105) or "Reboot Sensor" (L302) which will refresh the debug image if required. The new image may take up to 10 minutes to update.


Flagging and Adding Notes

The installer tool can be used to flag sensors with issues or required adjustments such as a rotation or move. This will bring attention to the device by changing the icon color to red. After the issue has been resolved, please unflag and publish the sensor.

Notes can be added without flagging a sensor. This will create a note without changing the icon color.


Rotating and Moving a Sensor Icon

If the adjustments require the sensor to be moved or rotated, the installer can update the sensor icon to match the installed position. Note: You cannot delete or add a sensor here.

  • Select a sensor

  • Select Edit

  • Select sensor icon

  • Rotate or move as installed

  • Confirm


Repeater Installation

Instructions for installing repeaters can be found here.
Using the installer tool you can:

  • Enter repeater ID

  • Publish

Send Summary

Once installation is complete, send a summary to notify VergeSense.


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