Installing a Device Manager for Wired Sensors

The VergeSense Device Manager is a local device (Dell Edge Gateway) that is deployed on the same network/PoE switch as the sensors. It communicates with the VergeSense E104 and E105 Wired/PoE sensors to administer device updates and software configurations.


Device Manager Location

  • Using the Installer Tool, find the device manager located on the map.


  • These can be ignored by the device manager as it will be connected to the network.

Ethernet Cable

  • The Device Manager will be connected to a POE and LAN switch on-site via an Ethernet cable. The connection will provide both power and data connectivity to the device manager.


  • Wall Mount: The device manager kit comes with a mounting bracket that allows for the device manager to be mounted onto the wall as shown in the image below.


Commissioning the Device Manager

  • Enter the 7-digit device manager ID into the Installer Tool.

  • Select Publish once the device manager is connected. Restart the device if it is having issues connecting

The green device manager icon indicates a successful installation.


The device manager is now set up.


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