Gateway Placement

The VergeSense L208 wireless, battery-powered sensor uses 802.11n WiFi to communicate with the gateway. This WiFi network requires clear communication both from the gateway to the sensor, but also from the sensor to the gateway. In a typical office environment, we suggest using a maximum range of 125ft between a gateway and each sensor.


Since the range is so significantly impacted by walls, it’s easier to use squares rather than circles to determine coverage areas. In the image below, the orange box represents the area in which there is high confidence that a strong WiFi connection can be achieved.


WiFi Coverage Example Implementation

The best practice is to use the orange square to determine the ideal installation locations of the gateway. All sensors intended to be connected to the gateway should be within the coverage area. By aligning two edges of the coverage square with exterior walls, you can maximize the coverage across the desired space. Using the example below, 3 gateways should be sufficient coverage for the floor.


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