Entryway Sensor Testing

The sensor can be tested once the commissioning is complete and the live view is loaded.

Scheduling the Validation Recording

A validation recording contains the scene video, person tracks, the count item configuration, and all line counting and crossing events. With this information, the sensor's functionality can be easily verified.

To begin, navigate to the validation recording box within the Live section of the Xovis portal.


With the two date fields Start and End, a validation recording can be scheduled to a specific period, starting now or in the future. When you click on the Schedule recording button, the scheduling is stored. As soon as the scheduled start time is reached, the sensor starts to record the validation data. The recording stops automatically when it reaches the scheduled end time.

As the scheduling is always based on the sensor's time zone, which is not necessarily the same as the local time of the user’s computer currently configuring the sensor, the sensor's time is shown directly above the schedule items and is automatically refreshed periodically.

The maximum scheduled recording time is 40 minutes. Please schedule the maximum time to ensure all testing is included. Note: on average testing will be completed in 10 minutes.

Testing Process

To test the sensor, walk across the count line. As seen in the below video, the start/stop count will be calculated at the top right of the screen.

It is recommended to cross the threshold 100 times with an accuracy of 95%. The sensor should detect the occupant at a minimum of 95 out of the 100 crossings.

The test should encompass crossing the entryway from different directions and paths to mimic daily occupant behavior, as shown below.


You can also verify the accuracy of the count line by viewing the start/stop map under Analytics. The count line should be behind the start / stop points as shown below.

You can now log into https://cloud.vergesense.com/ to finish the commissioning process using the VergeSense Installer Tool.


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