User Roles & Permissions

User Roles and Permissions

Admins can invite and assign various roles to new users within VergeSense Settings (Settings --> Team). Users can be restricted to access only certain buildings, and can be edited or removed by the Admin at any time. Some settings are limited to Super Admin access (generally the account Customer Success Manager or a Support team member). 


  • Admins can invite, remove, and edit permissions for Admin, Analyst (formerly Guest), or Installer (formerly Partner), IoT Manager, and Developer roles.

  • Admins can assign one or many buildings to any role - if no buildings are selected then the user will, by default, have access to all buildings. 
  • Only Admins and Developers have access to the account API Key.

Analyst (formerly Guest)

  • Analysts are typically users who need read-only access to some or all buildings. 
  • Analysts can view analytics dashboards and reports for the buildings they have been assigned.

  • Under Settings, Analysts have access to Account (set up alerts and set user only preferences) and Export Data. 

  • Analysts cannot invite new users or edit user permissions. 

Installer (formerly Partner)

  • The Installer role is typically utilized for teams responsible for installation.

  • Installers have access to the Installer Tool and System Health in Settings.

  • Installers cannot invite new users or edit user permissions.

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IoT Manager

  • This role is typically for users who are on IT or device management teams responsible for sensor maintenance, troubleshooting, or battery replacement
  • IoT Managers are able to view Device Management and System Health tabs within Settings
  • IoT Manager cannot view analytics dashboards, invite new users or edit user permissions. 

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  • The developer role is for users who are on technical teams or partner teams where access to the API key and Webhook set up is required and to enhance security and limit email or chat based sharing of highly sensitive keys. 
  • Developers do not have access to any analytics, dashboards, or other settings. 

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Super Admin

  • Super Admins are VergeSense Customer Success Manager or Support, and have access to update restricted settings that can impact company wide views
  • Settings that are restricted to Super Admins include: 
    • Global "Working Hours"  
    • Building "Working Hours" 
    • Ability to select "Is Private" and set "Max Capacity" for a Space 

Adding New Users

Navigate to Settings --> Team and select "Add User". Select the appropriate role from the drop down. 

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The newly invited user will receive an email from VergeSense with instructions to set up their account. 

Removing Users

Users can be removed at anytime by Admins by selecting "Edit User" and then "Remove" from the Team page in Settings. 





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