Pre-Installation Network Test for Wireless Sensors


To ensure a smooth installation, we strongly recommend testing network connectivity prior to scheduling and performing the installation of your VS-L302 devices. Please refer to the test procedure below and contact your VergeSense Project Manager should you require any support. When you complete the test, please report the results to your VergeSense Project Manager.

Confirm Network Requirements are Implemented

Confirm the gateway network requirements shared by VergeSense are implemented for the network you will connect your wireless sensor gateways to. Contact your VergeSense Project Manager if you need a copy of the requirements.

Power Up Test Devices

Power up any 2 gateways and 2 sensors. The devices do not need to be mounted on the wall/ceiling for this test. If you are connecting the gateways via Wi-Fi or cellular, place the gateways in different areas of the floor to test coverage. Keep a sensor nearby each gateway (in the same room/area).

Gateway Instructions

  1. Power can be delivered through power over ethernet or by plugging the provided AC/DC Power Adapter into a wall outlet.

  2. Wait for the LED light on the gateway to turn green, indicating the gateway is online.

  3. If the LED light does not turn green within 15 minutes, report the LED behavior to VergeSense for further troubleshooting.

Sensor Instructions

  1. Power the sensors on by removing the purple battery tab. The sensor will automatically power on.

  2. When first booting up, the sensor will cycle - Red, Green, and Blue (0.5s each color) 3 times. The light will flash green once every 15s for 5min confirming connectivity, and then the light will turn off automatically.

Share Hardware IDs to Confirm Connectivity

Once devices are powered on, please email your VergeSense Project Manager with the ID of each sensor and gateway powered on. Your VergeSense team will double check connectivity remotely and report the status back to you.

The ID of each sensor can be found on the side of the sensor in the format 300-XXX.


The ID of each gateway is its serial number which can be found on the back of the gateway next to the “S/N:” label highlighted below; please report the last 5 digits of the serial number.


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