Installer Tool Commissioning

  • Log into to finish the commissioning process using the VergeSense Installer Tool.
    • Contact the VergeSense team if you have not been granted access to the Installer Tool.
  • Access the Installer Tool by first selecting the SETTINGS icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Navigate to the floor you will be installing in and select DEVICE INSTALLATION.

Sensor Commissioning

  • Select the sensor you are going to install that corresponds to the location on the map. This is indicated by the grey sensor icon.
  • Enter the sensors' MAC address as labeled on the device, this serves as the sensor ID.
  • The system will now confirm connectivity to the sensor. Connectivity is indicated by the green checkmark.
    • If connectivity fails,

      • Confirm sensor is powered on

      • Confirm sensor is connected in IBEX

      • Contact VergeSense for support

        Note: Entryway sensors show a connection every hour, even if there is no detection.

  • Select the purple SHOW COVERAGE AREA button.
  • The right-hand side of the screen will display the FOV of the sensor. Confirm the coverage area by selecting the ACCEPT COVERAGE AREA button.
  • If the FOV is not displayed, select GET SENSOR VIEW
    • This will reboot the sensor and refresh the image in seconds. Refresh the page if it does not update
  • Enter the sensor height in NOTES
    • This will be used as a reference for support purposes.
  • Select the purple PUBLISH button at the bottom of the screen
Repeat this process for all of the sensors. All icons will display the green completed color and update the Installed sensor count.

Submit Installation Summary

  • Navigate to the Summary step.
  • Select the Submit to VergeSense button. This will notify VergeSense to finalize commissioning.
  • Installation is now complete. VergeSense will review and commission all sensors.


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