Wireless Sensor (L302) Mounting Solutions

VergeSense will ship the following mounting solutions with the VS-L302 sensors:

  • Magnetic Mounting Plates

  • Drywall Mounting Kit

  • T-Bar Clips

  • T-Slot Kit

  • Ceiling Tile Mounting Kit

  • Interlude Clips

This table lists common ceiling scenarios and solutions. Each one is described in more detail following the table:


#1: Magnetic mounting plate (provided by VergeSense

#2: T-Bar clips (provided by VergeSense)

  1. Mount & secure the 1st clip to the T-Bar

  2. Mount & secure the 2nd clip to the T-Bar

  3. Attach the mounting plate - Insert t-clip screws through two mounting holes

  4. Attach the sensor to the mounting plate



#1: Magnetic mounting plate (provided by VergeSense)


#2: T-slot kit (provided by VergeSense)

  1. Insert 1st screw into the intersection of two T-Slot bars

  2. Insert 2nd screw ~2 3/4" away from 1st screw

  3. Insert both screws into two mounting holes of the mounting plate and secure with 6-32 nuts

  4. Attach the sensor to the mounting plate


#1: Interlude clips (provided by VergeSense)

#2: Ceiling tile mounting kit (provided by VergeSense)



#1: Drywall mounting kit (provided by VergeSense)


Unique Ceilings

The following ceilings require custom mounts not provided by VergeSense. VergeSense will consult with you on suggested mounting methods and hardware.

The dimensions of the sensor mounting plate are shown below:

When the sensor is attached:

Size: 103mm (L) x 103 mm (W) x 25 mm (H)

Weight: 275 G

There are a variety of solutions that can be used to properly fix this mounting plate to a surface for a successful installation.

Open Ceiling

Rods are secured to the ceiling using rod anchors.

Using the standard magnetic mounting plate shipped with every L302, it can be attached to drop rods using a strut or junction box as seen in the examples below.

Beam clamps can also be used to attach a rod drop or the sensor itself when the ceiling is 12' (3.6m) or lower.

Wood Ceiling

This decorative ceiling has just enough space between the wood beams to fit a wireless sensor. The device is secured using three L-brackets that have been attached to form a clamp.


Zip-ties and toggle bolts

These hardware options are versatile solutions for many ceiling types. These examples show decorative wood paneling, steel mesh, and phone booth installations.


VergeSense does not support the use of adhesive applications for installation such as double-sided tape or velcro. Please consult with VergeSense if you have any questions.


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