Integrating VergeSense Azure with Azure IOT Central

Some clients on Azure prefer to use Azure IoT Central, which is a prebuilt IoT App Platform designed to configure networks of sensors and display data on dashboards.

VergeSense has its own self-contained platform to provide the same functionality, but IoT Central compatibility can be desirable because it can co-mingle data from different sensors, and different kinds of sensors, into one unified set of analytics.

When this is the case the IoT Central Device Bridge can be used to connect VergeSense to IoT Central.

The device bridge connects other IoT clouds with IoT Central by forwarding the data your devices send to the other clouds through to your IoT Central app. In your IoT Central app, you can build rules and run analytics on that data, create workflows in Power Automate and Azure Logic apps, export that data, and much more.

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