Entryway Network Architecture Brief

Occupancy Intelligence for Portfolio Optimization is composed of the VergeSense Entryway (EN-1) Sensors that use machine learning to anonymously monitor and analyze the occupancy and utilization of spaces, floors, and buildings in real-time.

EN-1 sensors use IEEE 802.3af PoE protocol over a single ethernet cable to provide the sensor with power and data. (Each sensor requires a home run to a PoE port). PoE makes the deployment of sensors simple and ensures the most stable and reliable data connectivity. Anonymized occupancy data is captured securely to the VergeSense Cloud to help enable action and drive results across all levels of an organization.

About the EN-1

  • Sensors encrypt occupancy data (TLS 1.2) and send it directly to the VergeSense Cloud via the customer’s wired network.
  • Sensors initiate communication with the following DNS endpoints and may receive response traffic (eg. updates, etc).  Connections are never initiated inbound from the Cloud to your internal network.

Network Requirements

  • Sensors are DHCP clients by default.
  • Static IP addresses are supported.
  • Proxy forwarding is supported.
  • 802.1x can be implemented on customer request at the time of installation/commissioning

Cable and Power Requirements

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a
  • Sensors are PoE class 0 (802.3af)
  • Average consumption ~4 Watts
  • Peak consumption <8 Watts

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Entryway sensor communicate with the VergeSense Cloud? 

Sensors pass data over an ethernet cable via the client’s network to the VergeSense Cloud 


How do VergeSense sensors receive firmware updates? 

Our VergeSense sensors receive firmware updates from our VergeSense cloud 


How is data encrypted? 

All VergeSense data is secure and encrypted by TLS 1.2


What type of data is collected?

Building and floor-level occupancy and usage data are collected. Absolutely no PII data is collected or stored at any time. 


What type of data is extrapolated and sent? 

Anonymized JSON occupancy data including how many people are in your space at a building, floor, and desk level and which areas are experiencing high usage vs low usage. 


How long is raw sensor data stored? 

Raw sensor data is not stored at all. It is destroyed immediately after processing the person count data needed for the analytics dashboard output. 


Where is data processed? 

Image data is processed on the sensor itself and destroyed immediately. 


What are the power requirements for the Entryway sensor? 

The power requirements at a glance are: 

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a
  • Sensors are PoE class 0 (802.3af)
  • Average consumption ~4 Watts
  • Peak consumption <8 Watts


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