Maximum Reservation Length

Feature Background Information

Reservation actions such as “Early Release” and “No Show”  can cancel space reservations. This feature could negatively impact long duration meetings such as workshops and trainings that last for several hours or days. This usually happens when attendees leave the meeting room to take long breaks such as lunch. Upon returning to the meeting room, employees find out that the room reservation is canceled and potentially even taken by someone else, forcing the group to rebook a space. This can harm the employee experience and skews data for the space booking analytics.  


New Feature: Maximum Reservation Length

We have introduced a new feature found in your settings called “Maximum Reservation Length”. Any meeting with the duration longer than the maximum reservation length will not have reservation action enabled. For example, if a meeting is scheduled for 180 minutes and the max reservation length is 120 minutes, the reservation actions “Early Release” and “No Show” will not apply to that meeting, or any other meeting longer than 120 minutes.

How does it solve the problem?

Meetings with duration longer than maximum reservation length will not be released early and booking will not be canceled for no shows if occupancy is not detected. This will ensure that the longer duration meetings can continue uninterrupted and their room reservation is not canceled.  


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