Installation Guidelines: Tips & Tricks

Required Installation Steps:

The following steps must be completed via the VergeSense Install Tool. By the end of the installation, all devices should appear in the green “Installed” state and the floor should be submitted to VergeSense. Upon submission, VergeSense will begin our commissioning process to associate each sensor with spaces in the analytics platform.

  • Enter device IDs in the Installer Tool (including all sensors and gateways). Sensor IDs are printed on the side of the sensor and gateway IDs are printed on the front of the gateway.

  • Confirm device connectivity (including all sensors and gateways)

    • Timestamp for the gateway connection should be recent (i.e. “A few minutes ago”)

  • Verify sensor coverage area

    • The sensor coverage area should match the map (i.e. if the map shows 4 desks to be covered, check the view from the sensors covers all 4 desks and seats)

    • If the field of view is not accurate be sure to move the sensor to fix the field of view

  • Publish all devices

    • Confirm the device ID is entered

    • Confirm the device is online

    • For sensors only

      • Verify sensor coverage area

      • Accept coverage area

    • Publish
      *NOTE: VergeSense can only commission & provide feedback on sensors that are installed AND published so this step is imperative*

  • Double-check connectivity and battery health

    • Navigate to the “System Health” tab

    • Under “Device Health,” pull up each floor and check all devices have a recent last report time and all sensors have a healthy battery level.

      • Wired sensors are expected to report either every 30 seconds or 1 minute.

      • Wireless sensors are expected to report at a minimum of once per hour.

  • Submit the floor to VergeSense for review and commissioning

    • Once the floor is installed, select “Step 3” in the Installer Tool, add any relevant notes, and click “submit to VergeSense.”

    • This will send a notification to VergeSense to review the installation and commission the floor.

  • Flag problematic sensors

    • Use the Installer Tool to flag any sensors experiencing issues (e.g. cannot retrieve a new sensor view after multiple reboot attempts, floor plan in the Installer Tool does not match the actual furniture layout on site, cannot access a portion of the floor, etc.). When flagging sensors, use the Notes feature to describe the issue.

  • EN-1 Entryway Sensor Commissioning

    • EN-1 Entryway sensors require additional commissioning steps to be performed in the Entryway Installer Tool.

    • Entryway commissioning steps include sensor settings configuration, marking the scene floor and count line, and testing each count line.


Additional Features Available in the Installer Tool:

The following can be achieved in the VergeSense Installer Tool without VergeSense assistance.

  • Rotate sensor icon

    • Select sensor -> “Edit”

      1. Rotate the sensor orientation as needed to match the physically installed orientation.

  • Move sensor icon

    • Select sensor -> “Edit”

      1. Move the sensor on the map to the physically installed location.

  • Edit Gateway ID

    • Select gateway -> “Edit”

      1. Confirm the ID on the physical gateway matches with the ID in the Installer Tool for the corresponding gateway icon, otherwise edit it to match.

  • Edit Sensor ID

    • Select sensor -> “Edit”

      1. Confirm the ID on the physical sensor matches with the ID in the installer tool for the corresponding sensor icon, otherwise edit it to match.

  • Get a new sensor view

    • If a new sensor view is needed:

      1. Wired sensors: Select the sensor in the Installer Tool and select “Get sensor view”. This will refresh the view for the next 24 hours; it may take up to 10 minutes for the first new view to appear.

      2. Wireless sensors: There are two options to request a new sensor view for wireless sensors. Each option will update the view every 10 minutes for 50 minutes. It may take up to 15 minutes for the first new view to appear. Reboot sensors one at a time to avoid overloading the gateway.

        1. Manually reboot the sensor by holding the button on the side of the sensor. Sensor LEDs should flash to indicate a successful reboot.

        2. Select the sensor in the Installer Tool and select “Reboot sensor”.

Tasks Requiring VergeSense Assistance:

The following tasks are not yet self-service, thus requiring assistance from VergeSense to perform. Reach out to your VergeSense Project Manager or Implementation Specialist for help with these tasks.


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