FAQ - Technician Onsite Installation/Site Survey

  1. What company makes those devices?
    • VergeSense
  1. What do those sensors do?
    • The sensors host a data capture system that produces anonymous occupancy data about how your portfolio and spaces are actually used.
  1. How does it work?
    • For more information please reach out to your VergeSense Project Manager.
    • If the client doesn’t know who this is, please ask your PM for the contact info to provide to the client. 
  1. Why is there a sensor only above my desk?
    • The sensors have a wide field of view and can capture many desks. They are being distributed above all usable spaces.
  1. Is this a live video feed?
    • No, it is not.  VergeSense optical sensors take a snapshot during installation in order to confirm the field of view.  This initial snapshot is used to understand the characteristics of the space (room size, furniture locations, etc).
  1. What software application are you using?
    • This is the Installation Tool used to confirm the sensor is connected, in the right location and has an unobstructed field of view.
  1. What is the purpose of the gateway?
    • This is the hub that creates the network sensors connect to.
  1. How does a gateway connect?
    • A gateway can come online via a cellular connection or through the customer’s WiFi or ethernet connection.
  1. Will the magnet hold in an earthquake?
    • All mounting methods including the magnets are seismic compliant.
  1. I do not want this installed in my space. Who can I talk to?
    • Please reach out to the onsite contact person for this project: _______.
  1. Will this interfere with my WiFi signal?
    • The sensors use a unique protocol that will not interfere with WiFi.
  1. What is a bridge sensor and why is it needed?
    • A bridge sensor is an additional device added to the floor plan to help with connectivity when other sensors or gateways are not close enough.  It helps reduce hop count and creates a better mesh network.
  1. Can we temporarily mount the sensors if we are unsure of the coverage?
    • This is a decision made by the installation project team. If a temporary solution is safe and secure and doesn’t do unnecessary damage, the project team will make that decision.
  1. What if there are obstructions blocking where VergeSense has specified to install the sensor?
    • Please review with the VergeSense project team, a photograph of the obstruction would be helpful in providing a quicker resolution.


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