How to Pause and Resume Room Booking Integrations in VergeSense


As of April 2023, the Pause an Integration feature has been added to the VergeSense platform.

This new capability allows users to pause room booking integrations without the need to contact VergeSense support. 

Feature Overview

The Pause an Integration feature, found under the Advanced Settings page of integrations, enables you to temporarily stop room booking data syncing. While the syncing is paused, VergeSense will not pull room booking information or display it in the analytics dashboard. However, all mappings and settings will be retained and remain accessible. Once you resume syncing, room booking data will be updated accordingly.

How to Pause an Integration

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Settings page of the integration you wish to pause.
  2. Locate the "Pause" button and click on it.
  3. A confirmation modal will appear. Confirm your decision to pause the integration.

Please note: pausing the integration will result in VergeSense not pulling in any meetings, syncing spaces, or taking actions related to the integration.


How to Resume an Integration

  1. Go to the Advanced Settings page of the paused integration.
  2. Click on the "Resume/Enable" button.
  3. The integration will now resume syncing and updating room booking data.

Benefits of Pausing an Integration

  • Maintain full control over your organization's integration syncing without needing to contact VergeSense support or wait for VergeSense engineering.
  • Maintain accessibility to settings and mappings while the integration is paused.
  • Monitor the impact of pausing the integration on your workspace analytics and resource management.

Logging and Monitoring

VergeSense maintains a log of user activity, including pausing and resuming integrations, to request this log, please reach out to VergeSense Support.


The Pause an Integration feature offers users greater control over room booking integrations, without needing to contact VergeSense support. By following the steps outlined in this helpdesk article, you can easily pause and resume integrations as needed, while still maintaining access to your settings and mappings.



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