Site Survey Overview

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The purpose of a site survey is to prepare for a VergeSense deployment. We are looking to avoid challenges such as gateway signal issues, lighting obstructions, WiFi coverage difficulties that may impact sensor placement, quantity, and installation methods. 


Device Markup 

This document indicates suggested device type, count, location, and estimated spaces covered.

How to use:

  • Validate all areas of interest are captured
  • Validate furniture layout
  • Ceiling type (open, plaster, drop, etc)
  • Identify potential obstructions
  • Validate proposed mounting methods and locations 
  • Adjust sensor placement and count as needed


Device Locations 

Notes should include

  • Ceiling surface type
  • Height
  • Mounting solution
  • Sensor count
  • Photos


Identify obstructions and highlight on floor plan 

  • Identify Air conditioning ducts, Pipes, Hanging lights, acoustical baffling or other potential obstructions
  • Wall material
  • Determine mounting solutions
  • Propose updated sensor layout
  • Propose updated sensor count


Notes should include

  • Ceiling surface type
  • Height
  • Existing cable management 
  • Access hatch
  • Cable color
  • Sensor count
  • Confirmation that cable is in place (when applicable)
  • Photos



Network overview

  • The gateway has a range up to 40ft.
  • Depending on the material of a wall, the signal can be reduced between 25%-50%
  • Gateway needs to be in range of at least 10% of sensors- not all sensors need to connect to the gateway directly as they will create their own network. 
  • Place away from shelves, cabinets, HVAC ducts, and other obstacles. 
  • Brick, concrete and metal walls completely block signals. Drywall, wood, glass, HVAC ducts, open racks, cabinets, pallets or any object in line of sight are considered obstructions.

Notes should include


  • Mounting surface type
  • Mounting solution
  • Mounting height 


  • Power options (AC/DC, Ethernet)
  • Confirm power is installed
  • Cable management (extension, cable hides, aesthetic requirements)


  • Distance to nearest sensor
  • Cellular: cellular strength
  • WiFi: WiFi strength
  • Device Count
  • Photos



Items needed to complete the site survey:

  • Floor plan showing sensor locations
  • Doorway and ceiling measurements
  • Photographs of the doorway and ceiling

Entryway and ceiling measurements allow VergeSense to place the sensor for precise accuracy.

  • Entryway height and width
  • Clearance above entryway
  • Ceiling height
  • Ceiling type (drop ceiling, concrete, glass, etc.)


Entryway Photographs

Photographs will allow VergeSense to determine the required mounting methods and identify any potential obstructions.

Please share a photo of the entryway along with a photo that shows the environment and ceiling on both sides of the door.  Stepping back will provide a wide view of the space.

Downloadable Template:


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