Set the Max Capacity for a Space

What is Max Capacity?

If set, maximum capacity is the largest person count that will be registered for a particular space. Say for example a max capacity is set at 1 for a phone booth. This means that even if our sensor detects 2 people in the phone booth all analytics, webhooks, and space person count data would have this as 1 person detected instead.

Why Might I Set this Value?

By setting this value, the sensor's readings are capped which helps ensure accuracy in areas of poor conditions, such as low light or low ceiling height.

How is this Different than the Capacity?

VergeSense expects every space to have a capacity value. This is because capacity is used to calculate capacity usage metrics throughout our platform (person count / capacity). Capacity is used for analytics while max capacity is used to set a limit on the max value for the person count readings from our devices.

Should I Set Max Capacity?

If you are not sure, then probably not. This field is meant for specific use cases where it will be apparent that person count values are expected to be capped at the value. This is often done in coordination with the customer.

How to Set Max Capacity?

The “Max Capacity” field can be set during:

  • Space creation (Settings > Floor Management > Step 1)

  • Floor editing (Settings > Building Settings > Edit Floor)

Space Creation


Floor Editing


Who Can Set Max Capacity?

Only Super Admins can set the Max Capacity value. Company Admins would be able to see the value.

Does Setting this Value Automatically Change Historic Person Count Values and Metrics?

No, the change is applied on a go-forward basis.

Can I Request Historical Person Count Values be Updated to Respect the Max Capacity?

Yes, this can be requested via an engineering support ticket.

How Long Does it Take to Take Effect?

It can take up to 12 hours for the max capacity value to affect a person count reports coming through the pipeline. If you update multiple spaces to have a max capacity value they will all take effect at different times within a 12-hour window.


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