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We're excited to introduce a new map-based analytics feature called “Usage Map.” One of the most common requests we have heard from users is a desire for a more aggregated form of our current heatmap feature. The new Usage Map feature addresses exactly this desire and provides a more visual data analysis experience to help ensure there is spatial context for users when analyzing historical capacity usage data.


Key Features

The Usage Map feature colorizes all spaces based on 6 distinct capacity usage buckets. 0% represents spaces that have not been used at all during your selected time frame, and the other colors represent the respective capacity usage buckets.

This feature will provide you with a simple way to assess the performance of certain spaces. When you use this feature at the Space Type or Space Group level, you can more easily and quickly make space planning and space design decisions based on aggregated capacity usage.

Our "Underused" tab has been upgraded to this more comprehensive "Usage Map" feature which now has a color-coded visual representation for aggregated space usage levels.

Usage Map

Spaces are colored by historical capacity usage while the map retains all the basic interactive features. You can zoom and hover over a space to get additional details about that space.

Color Legend

A clear legend will now be accompanying the map, enabling you to understand what each color represents in terms of space usage.


What is the update to the maps section?

The latest update in our map section introduces a 'Usage Map.' This is a more intuitive and useful tool to visualize and understand space usage within the portfolio analytics dashboard.

What does the Usage Map show?

The Usage Map provides visual insights into different areas of usage within a selected floor. It currently covers average capacity usage, peak capacity usage, active time usage, passive time usage and total time usage, visually indicating which spaces are being used more or less. 

Has the heatmap been removed?

No, the traditional heatmap feature is still available. It complements the new Usage Map, which significantly improves the overall map analytics experience.

Can the Usage Map display data for a specific area within the floor?

Yes, by selecting a specific area on the Usage Map, you can get a visual representation of space utilization within that area. This can be particularly useful for understanding how different desks or sections within a larger space are being used.



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