Metric Definition: Average Person Count

In order to answer simple questions about the number of people in a space or set of spaces, VergeSense relies on an hourly data model. This model begins with raw reports collected by VergeSense sensors and creates a homogenized set of information, including Average Person Count, about every space for every hour. This allows us to answer questions like:


  • How many people were in Conference Room A today?

  • How many people were in Floor 2 last week?

  • How many people are in Building 1 at 4pm on Fridays?

Let's learn more about Average Person Count to understand how we answer these questions!

As mentioned above, VergeSense uses the 1hr interval as the foundational building block for answering broader questions about spaces over time. At this lowest level, the model incorporates the person counts from all individual sensor reports over the course of an hour to compute the Average Person Count, which is the most likely number of people in a given space during that hour. As a simplified example, if the sensor covering Conference Room A reported 4 people at 8am and 5 people at 8:30am, the Average Person Count for Conference Room A during the 8am-9am hour would be 4.5.


Note that because we're talking about averages, the values here can be fractional - but don't worry, we're not cutting anyone in half!


How many people were in Conference Room A today?

Let's answer the first of our questions! Consider the hourly Average Person Counts for Conference Room A from today:


Average Person Count



















The Average Person Count for this Conference Room today is simply the average of these hourly averages, or 7.75.


How many people were in Floor 2 last week? & How many people are in Building 1 at 4pm on Fridays?

As it turns out, the next two questions can be answered by the very same logic as the first! Because we're dealing with averages, we can continue to take the average of each spaces' hourly values, regardless of how many spaces or how large a time frame we're asking about. For the question about Floor 2, that will be the average of all spaces hourly Average Person Count for all hours last week. Likewise, the answer to the question about Building 1 will be the average of all hourly Average Person Count values for spaces in Building 1 for the 4pm-5pm hour on Fridays.


Average Person Count When Used 

Average Person Count When Used excludes times where the person count for a space was 0 - allowing you to easily determine what the average person count was for the space while it had at least one person. This can give you greater insight into use of the space outside of the standard average person count calculation, as 0 person counts can decrease the average. 

Find Average Person Count When Used in Floors, Space Types, Space Groups tables (called "Spaces" in your main portfolio view), in most Reports, or when exporting from Settings --> Data Export. 


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