Device Management Table

The Device Management Table within The VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence Platform streamlines fleet management with intuitive navigation, sorting, and filtering functionalities. It provides easy access to vital device data, assists in troubleshooting efforts, and reveals the precise location of sensors on the map, useful for various tasks including but not limited to battery replacements.



Table Content and Functionality:


All Spaces Dropdown: Filter devices by building, floor, and spaces.




Device ID: A unique identifier for each device.

Model: Shows the device model.

Building: Denotes where the device is located.

Floor: Specifies the floor where the device is located.

Space: Refers to the associated space of the device.

Status: Indicates if the device is online or offline.

State: Reflects the current state of the device.

Firmware Version: Displays the device's firmware version.

Last Report: Indicates the last time the cloud received a report from the device. Wired devices and the L208 model have a fixed reporting cadence. For the L302 model, reports are sent either when motion is detected or once every hour if no movement is detected.

Battery: Indicates the health status of the device's battery.

Using the Device Management Table:


Navigation: Simply scroll through the table to view all devices in your fleet.

Sorting: Click on any column header to sort the list based on that particular field.

Filtering: Utilize the filtering options to refine the list according to specific criteria, aiding in the identification of devices needing attention.


Columns and Filter Options: Located at the top right of the table, these buttons enable you to choose which columns are visible and to filter the device list based on specific criteria.


Flag: Allows you to mark a device for attention.


Show-on-map: Offers a map view that highlights the exact location of the selected device on your floor plan, showing the building name, floor, and device orientation. This map is handy for tasks like battery replacements and can be easily printed to share.



We value your experience and feedback. If you have suggestions or insights on how we can improve the Device Management Table, please don't hesitate to share them with us.


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