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Using VergeSense Reports

VergeSense Reports is a curated selection of reports to compare buildings, floors, types, and groups, view Space Booking data, any custom reporting, and by Use Case reports (Legacy). Reports allow you to select the buildings, floors, space types, space groups, granularity (hourly, daily etc) and the timeframe - including specific hours of the day or days of the week - from the filter selections at the top of each report page: 




View Results: After clicking “View Results” the data will render in the graphs below.

Sharing: Reports can be easily shared via the “Share” button at the top of each report. The links will persist indefinitely, and if updates are made to the base report from VergeSense (addition or removal of charts etc), the shared report will update upon refresh. Please keep your organization's privacy and sharing policy in mind when sharing these reports. 


Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 9.58.16 AM.png


Each visualization in all reports include helpful Contextual Elements: All chart visualizations allow the user to export data and most include tabular data for export at the bottom of the page. Each graph also allows the user to hover over an element to view data for that element, and clicking on any of the legend elements allows the user to select/de-select what appears in the graph.


Learn more about the Report Collections: 

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