Sensor Live Testing

Live testing is an accuracy test that is conducted onsite. This process requires an onsite user and access to the VergeSense platform to complete.

Live testing will validate the sensor’s detection accuracy for a given space as reflected on the VergeSense dashboard.

Validated Items:

  • Sensor is reporting at the expected polling rate
  • Accurate detection  and person count
  • Accurate SOL detection
  • Data is reflected on the VergeSense platform’s Live View

Onsite testing process

  1. Occupy space for 5 minutes
  2. Observe the Live View on the dashboard
  3. If space is shown as occupied & person count is correct – Pass
  4. If space is shown as occupied and person count is incorrect – Fail.
  5. If spaces is shown as free/unoccupied – Fail.
  6. A Live Test Report is to be completed as part of this process to help VS investigate any issue arising from the live test.

Live Test Report


Sensor ID(s) Space Tested Date Time Dwell Time in space Expected Person Count Reported Person Count Pass/Fail Signs Of Life (SOL) Detection (Pass/Fail) Object in space Last Sensor Report at Time of Test Sensor status Sensor ID confirmed Space ID confirmed Notes


Details Required

Sensor IDs – The ID of sensor(s) installed in the space to be tested.

Space Tested – This is the name of the space tested as shown on the dashboard

Date – Date testing was done

Time – Time onsite user entered the space

Dwell Time in Space – Number of minutes user was in the space before recording a Pass/Fail

Expected Person Count – Number of people in the space during testing

Reported Person Count – Person count shown on the dashboard during testing

Pass/Fail – Record if test passed or failed

Signs of Life Detection (Pass/Fail) – If testing SOL, record if detection passed or failed

Object in Space – For SOL testing, indicate the object(s) in space during testing

Last Sensor Report Time and Sensor Status – These info can be found in Device Management Tab. Please note the last sensor report time of sensor after user has been in space for at least 5 minutes

Sensor ID Confirmed – Confirm that sensor ID in space is same as sensor ID shown in the installer tool

Space ID Confirmed – Confirm that space name of the dashboard is the correct space name of space tested

Notes – Add any observation during testing


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