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The Space Usage Timeline card is available for buildings, floors, and space types that are actively measured by VergeSense. This card shows the number of spaces in use in a given hour, by space type, and reveals any instances where an employee might feel that they are running out of space (approaching a space shortage) or, more specifically, “can never find a meeting room”.

Things to Know

  • A shortage event is any hour where 80% or more of a space type was in use ( defined as >=15 minutes of active time usage) within the same hour 
  • If the time selected is 7 days or less, we will show you spaces used by hour
  • If the time selected is 7-31 days, we aggregate shortages by day, and if you selected over 31 days we aggregate by week
  • NOTE: The hover state number shown in aggregated views is the total number of shortage events in that day/week, not the total spaces in use

How to Use

  • Select a larger (> 7 days) time period to identify the day or week with the most shortage events for that space type - then navigate to that more narrow time period to see the specific hours of the day where the shortage occurred
  • Compare the shortage events of one space type to another (we make this easier in our Compare Space Types report!) - when you ran out of conference rooms, did you also run out of client meeting rooms or multi function spaces? Learn more about Compare Space Types
  • Compare the shortage event times to peak person count - is there a "breaking point" in terms of peak person count for the floor(s) or building? 
  • Take a look at the space use before and after a shortage event to identify other usage patterns
  • Navigate to the Usage Map and check out passive occupancy and peak capacity usage - were rooms being "underused" when you had shortage events, indicating that rooms weren't being used appropriately (one person in a six person room, for example)? 

Coming Soon

  • In the dropdown, we will add a "caution" symbol so you know at a glance what other space types had a shortage in the time period you're looking at 
  • Shortages by Space Group 
  • Adjustable threshold to define a "shortage" - we choose 80% because we found in our research that that is approximately when employees start to feel frustrated and that they are unable to find a space to accomplish their task - but we know that you may want to define this differently!
  • We'll add the ability to go directly to a shortage day or week from the hover state so you wont have to navigate there from the time selector!  


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