Space Groups

Space Groups can be utilized like tags, assigning attributes (one or many) to any Space. Space Groups can be created in the Space Groups tab in Settings by Admins. 

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Creating Space Groups

Create any number of Space Groups by clicking "Create Group" and select the color that will be used to identify the group on Usage Maps. 

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Updating and Assigning Space Groups

Update and Assign Space Groups manually, by clicking "Assign Space Groups" and selecting the Space Group from the drop down and spaces either by clicking on the Floor Plan or by searching and selecting individual spaces from the list. 

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Space Groups may also be updated in bulk by selecting Import CSV/XLS. The required column headers are "Space Ref ID" and "Group Name". Multiple file formats are accepted, but column headers are required. 

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Once uploaded, you will select the appropriate columns for mapping and are able to confirm the data is correct before proceeding. Any Space Ref ID that does not exist in VergeSense will be identified in "# of mismatched spaces". 


Viewing Space Groups Data 

View and analyze Space Groups from the Platform Portfolio page or utilize Space Groups as a filter in reports. Space Groups are also available in Export Data tables. 


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