Workplace Assistant

VergeSense's Workplace Assistant allows users in our Early Access program to utilize VergeSense platform data and generative AI to answer questions, identify trends, and understand options to enhance workplace efficiency. By combining the power of VergeSense's industry expertise and OpenAi's enterprise API to Chat GPT 4, Workplace Assistant is able to quickly and accurately provide analysis of your portfolio, building, floor, space type, space group - or even space!  


Key Features of Workplace Assistant

  • Intuitive natural language interface: Users can easily interact with their data and quickly get answers to their most pressing questions.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Using generative AI, Workplace Assistant analyzes occupancy data to identify trends and provide strategic suggestions to enhance workspace efficiency.
  • Rapid Results: What once required weeks of data gathering, meetings, and analysis can now be accomplished in minutes. This means faster decision-making and capitalizing on opportunities for space optimization.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: With a strong emphasis on privacy and security, Workplace Assistant ensures that all data remains protected. Learn more in our white paper here. 

Accessing Workplace Assistant 

Request a demo and Early Access to Workplace Assistant with our product team. Next, login to and start exploring your data with Workplace Assistant! 

Utilize Example Prompts to get started, or ask any question that's top of mind. Users are able to ask for visualizations, explanations, and dive deeper into specific space types or spaces when necessary. Export specific data from visualizations created by the AI by asking for a CSV. 





Feedback about Workplace Assistant? Contact our product team with any questions, suggestions, requests, or other feedback at


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