How To Remove and Redeploy Sensors

This article serves as a step-by-step guide, tailored specifically for installers, outlining the practical considerations for a smooth and efficient removal and re-installation of a VergeSense system.

Note: access to the VergeSense installer tool is required to perform the below steps

Device Removal

  1. Identify the devices that are to be removed
    • This list or map may be provided by your VergeSense contact and can be viewed in the Installer Tool
  2. Navigate to the devices on the floor plan using the Installer Tool
  3. Compile a list of sensor and gateway IDs and models of all deinstalled hardware and share with your VergeSense contact (EN-1 provide the Mac ID showing behind the sensor)
    • If hardware is to be shipped to multiple locations, identify the end destination and the sensor / gateway IDs in each package
  4. Remove all mounting hardware along with the sensors / gateways, keeping everything together (backplates, screws, drop rods, etc.)
  5. For every battery powered sensor, take out and re-insert one battery backwards so the sensor remains without power to avoid draining the battery 
  6. Bubble wrap each sensor / gateway individually to avoid unit damage during transport
  7. Hardware package(s) should be properly secured and stored until installation. If the hardware is remaining at the existing site please provide location to your VergeSense contact

Device Redeployment

  1. Review the compiled list of sensor and gateway IDs, along with their types.
  2. Review the floor plan in the Installer Tool to identify the new locations for installation.
  3. Gather all necessary mounting hardware and tools for installation.
  4. Unpack the bubble-wrapped sensors/gateways and associated mounting hardware.
  5. Install mounting hardware in the designated locations according to the floor plan.
  6. Mount sensors/gateways securely using the previously removed mounting hardware, ensuring proper alignment and placement.
  7. Connect sensors/gateways to power sources or batteries, following the guidelines.
    • Note: New batteries may be required. In which case replace all batteries on the device.
  8. Validate the connectivity and functionality of each installed device using the Installer Tool.
  9. Communicate the successful installation and functionality of the devices to your VergeSense contact for validation

For further information on the mounting process and solutions please refer to the help articles for the specific sensor models.


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